Why bother with Hypnotherapy? Part 1 – Exploring the senses

This is first part of a series of opinions on “why bother with Hypnosis?”. With so many approaches to therapy it makes sense to ask what hypnotherapy has to offer that is unique on its own or in conjunction with other approaches.

Typically when we think about experiences and feelings we talk to ourselves or others in terms of say “I’m sad, i’m happy or angy etc.” or “I got angry because someone took my car park space” or “I feel guilty because I could have done better”. These thoughts and emotions form a useful expression of what is going on with us, which can then be used as a basis for solutioning with our inner self or friend and arriving at a state of “harmony”. So for example, we could tell ourselves “that you should not have got angry if someone took your parking space, because it is a waste of time and energy, and there were other spaces available anyway” which is quiet a direct way of trying to resolve a perceived issue or uncomfortable feeling, by talking your way out through reason. But sometimes, especially in dealing with more significant concerns analysis can be paralysis, talking may cause us to excessively spend time coming up with a solution that appears out of reach or even involve recriminations about ourselves and others and as much as we try, we cant seem to find one. When we try to force ourselves to stop we may either carry on regardless, or get frustrated with ourselves that we cant stop thinking, wasting both precious time and energy and just going round in circles.

For me, the senses add an important dimension to talking therapies allowing us, in parallel to thinking to feel senses as well. These senses may be what we physically feel in our body, what we imagine ourselves to be, or the reality of events either directly or metaphorically, and in those scenarios focusing on what the feelings we perceive when we see, hear, smell, taste and touch. These senses can help us understand our intuitive feelings and perceptions and ideal states either in the past, now or the future. It is these felt senses which an be explored within hypnotherapy, typically in a deeply relaxed state. Sometimes if we choose to take on the metaphorical idea of being  bodily light, being on top of a mountain, seeing things from above, visualising success, learning from a past peceived failure we can change how we perceive ourselves, people, situations and the environment. Through senses I have found it is possible for clients to allow themselves to indirectly calm their talking mind and use the felt senses to arrive at a solution, using these sensed feelings as a way of revisiting perception and attitude towards challenges and solutions that “talking” sometimes cannot do on its own. Utilising hypnotherapy, these states are “suggested”, “post suggested” or “autosuggested” which, if taken on as desired state, can take on a whole new personal meaning, lifting the human spirit and stirs the individuals personal drive, motivation, resources or what ever you want to call it.  Do you sense (imagine) or do you think hypnotherapy could be useful to you?

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