Why bother with Hypnotherapy? Part 2 – Beyond Relaxation

In this second part of opinions on “why bother with hypnosis?” With so many thereapeutic approaches you may ask what does Hypnotherapy have to offer that is unique either on its own or combined? Depth of relaxation.

It is true that there are many approaches and philosophies to relaxation e.g. meditation, mindfulness, progressive muscular relaxation, tai chi etc. But how does hypnosis enhance the state of relaxation. The typical basis for relaxation is well known – get yourself to reduce stress, anxiousness and declutter your thoughts even to the point of nothingness in the case of particular meditations. These are very important techniques especially in a world of abundant choice and information. Hypnosis offers all this but a depth of relaxation that goes beyond conscious relaxation or going into a calm state of body and mind. In short hypnosis (or self-hypnosis) offers the possibility to go beyond relaxation into a world of the inviduals choosing, almost a dream state and being able to control your dreams, but not asleep as in the case of Lucid dreaming (where you can control your dreams). The feeling of deep relaxation is highly personal (phenomenal) experience, but what most people would explain as “going on the most relaxing holiday ever” where your stresses, tensions and self-talk just dissolve – it is like pulling the plug on your immediate concerns and drifting inwards to another world ( or now if you prefer ) but with the benefit of being able to come out of it when you want (as opposed to being asleep) e.g. if the bell rang. This ability to “deepen” to a state of “turning your plug off” is quiet unique as it offers something beyond relaxation. It also counters the scenario where you dont have time, finding it too time consuming to get there, or worst still not being able to relax because you are “forcing yourself”. Hypnosis offers set processes to achieve depth of relaxation that once learned, could get you there faster! To be able to “switch off” is a skill worth having.

PathTherapy provides a confidential Counselling and Hypnotherapy services for adults and young people in Bracknell Forest and the surrounding areas of Berkshire including Warfield, Binfield, Wokingham, Twyford, Crowthorne, Ascot & Winkfield. Specialist areas including stress, anxiety, relationships, bereavement, fears, habits, phobias, anger and addiction. Call for free no obligation session.


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