Phantom Limb Pain & Hypnosis

Have you or someone you know experienced phantom limb pain? have tried everything to to overcome the pain? or need day to day help in managing pain?

Through hypnosis i.e. the power of your own mind people have found hypnosis as a way of harmonising the mind (and therefore reprogramming it) to over come the pain. A number of strategies are employed using hypnosis for phantom limb pain, for example by using a mental mirror box and described how you see yourself and this can eradicate the pain. Another method is to use regression to “come to terms” with the pain where you can go back and release any subconscious emotions. Alternativly a displacement method could be used which works by substituting the pain to another more preferred area of the body where pain is not felt.

Pain management was one of the earliest and most evidential non medical treatments for managing pain and can be used to support medical treatments.


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