Prior to commitment, it would be beneficial to determine whether we can work together and therefore happy to discuss your goals and hypnotherapy via phone or online. Sessions are £60 regardless of issue, so call me on 01344 723151 or Email: for an appointment.

Smoking cessation charge is £145 which is 90 minutes duration

Stressed out and want to relax? Offer the gift of a hypnotic mind and body experience for 90 minutes and begin working on a life issue or goal for £70

Payment maybe made via Cash, BACS, or cheque.

In terms of number of sessions, for some issues you could see improvement within a few session while more complex matters may take longer to resolve. At the onset we can identify the method and work required so you can judge how long you need. We will review progress regularly, but it’s up to you.

There are some specific issues, such as performance improvement, phobias and habits, that could be completed based on a 3-session plan. This is something we can discuss during our first session. All session of hypnotherapy and counselling in bracknell.