Many headaches are trigged by stress and those who suffer from them frequently will know how frustrating they can be. For the unlucky ones who are prone to frequent headaches, everyday activities like sitting in front of a computer at work or even just hearing the phone ring can make make life unbearable.

Hypnosis and other forms of alternative medicine can help with any kind of stress. Pain relief can be achieved through simple but effective deep breathing exercises, muscle relaxation and guided imagery. Calm and peaceful surroundings have been found to help balance the immune systems, change the chemicals released in the brain and make you feel less stressed.

Hypnotherapy works by lowering your blood pressure and easing the tension around your brain. In turn this will make the levels of stress in your system drop and your concentration and memory will improve so you don’t have to push yourself too hard afterwards. On top of the direct benefits of hypnosis, the confidence that hypnotherapy gives you will help you no end the confidence you experience and reducing stress and alleviating headaches.