Pain Management

Are you suffering from pain? have you considered a psychological treatment to support management of pain? Perhaps you have tried other therapies? or want to reduce or eliminate use of pain medication? The natural answer to pain seems to default to pain medication, but did you know that hypnotherapy is used by people to manage pain all over the world.

Hypnotherapy offers a unique as a form of pain management, utilising senses, feelings and cognitive suggestions to control pain both in acute, chronic and psychogenic causes (i.e. originating in the mind e.g. stress). The use of hypnotherapy in pain control has has been backed by evidence over hundreds of years and is the most evidential approach to pain control of all the psychotherapies.

Popular reasons for seeking hypnotherapy for pain control include:

1/ As a natural analgaesic or anesthetic such as during chilbirth, dental and surgical procedures where medication is not available, undesirable, or in conjunction with pain control drugs

2/ Where clients need an alternative to pain medication due to serious side effects. For example, a previous bad experience with pain inducing drugs such as during childbirth, allergies or phobias such as the use of needles

3/ In reducing the impact of pain associated with diagnosed or undiagnosed medical or psychological induced pain

4/ To eliminate or reduce reliance on pain control medication

5/ Psychogenic pain where there is no apparent cause or where emotional feelings trigger physical pain

Hypnotherapy can deepen and dissasociate from these type of pain scenarios allowing for natural management of pain as part of an overall treatment plan. This makes Hypnotherapy unique in comparison to other psychotherapeutic approaches that can be taught as well as used in pain clinics.