Healthy Weight Coaching

There’s no denying it: trying to lose weight can be a long and challenging journey. If you’ve ever tried and failed to lose weight before then you probably know just how frustrating it can be – especially when feelings like stress, low self-esteem, sadness and boredom crop up.

It’s not unusual for people to get into a cycle of dieting, overeating, feeling guilty and dieting again. This is known as ‘yoyo dieting’ and makes weight loss difficult to sustain. I offer an alternative approach (a three to six session plan*)  based on the the NCHP Healthy Weight Hypnotherapy & Coaching programme developed over 21 year experience and research (NCHP is a UKCP Accredited organisation) to enable you to change habits, your relationship with food, understanding and restructure your cognitive thinking and triggers and their cause to enable a holistic life lifestyle change (rather than temporary habits).

The programme consists of a combination of hypnotherapy, therapy, coaching as well as an awareness of nutrition, destructive habits, psychology and discards the common clap-trap and bandwagon techniques associated with weight programmes. Through a commitment to change you will be positively guided in trance to clear the unconscious and bring in new ways of thinking, feeling about food with a deeper understanding of your own self turned into a positive life change that could feel like you have not had to “give up” something to lose weight.

Here are some of the ideas that will be used within this process and used to reprogramme the unconscious mind:

  • What messages were you given growing up and how these effect your current habits?
  • What will you be losing when you eat?
  • What is the opposite “feeling state” when you are triggered?
  • How can you find alternate rewards that are satisfying?
  • How can you go from automatic eating to conscious eating?
  • The reframing of the notion of comfort vs non-comfort?

In additon, by targeting the unconscious mind with powerful hypnotic suggestion techniques, I will help you develop a new, positive relationship with food and exercise. The aim is to make you feel confident about your body, change any negative thoughts about eating and help you lose weight healthily and responsibly in a natural way where you do not feel that you are denied food.

* Where weight has developed as part of emotional issues more time may be required than six sessions. Typically 6 is enough.

Virtual Gastric Band?

An alternate view is the use of virtual gastric band which works by causing a person to feel fuller more quickly, therefore they eat less and hence lose weight (just like with a surgical gastric band). Many hypnotherapists say that the positive results come about because they give suggestions which their client’s subconscious mind acts upon. Although this is something that can be offered, I tailor the approach based on individual needs, it is not always suitable. Just like a real gastric band the issue is that clients still believe they have something fitted and need to loose weight rather than having integrated a shift in attitude at the subconsiout level that changes their relationship to food without equating a healthy lifestyle with having to sacrifice something or needing something fitted. Investing in virtual gastric band therapy on its own is, therefore, a huge gamble for most people.