My dedicated premises are located in Bracknell (Near to Wokingham, Ascot, Maidenhead, M4 JCN10/M3JCN3) in a safe, comfortable and quiet listed building called Egremont, which is in the picturesque and natural setting of Newbold College in the village of Binfield.

It is a good idea to arrive a few minutes early, to make sure your appointment can start on time. The entrance to the Egremont building is the Newbold College main entrance located on St. Marks Road as shown in the picture below. Note that Newbold College has another entrance on Popeswood Road but Egremont can only be accessed from the main entrance.

St. Marks Road Entrance (Showing Egremont Building)

If you are arriving by car, you can park ( for free ) right outside the rear entrance (behind PhysioStudio), simply turn left and around to the back of the building. Note the therapy rooms are in the same building (Egremont) where PhysioStudio is located but accessed via the rear entrance rather than the front PhysioStudio entrance.

As you approach the rear entrance (pictured below – up a few steps with black door) press the buzzer labelled “PathTherapy” which will ring through to the therapy rooms. You will be greeted by a receptionist or myself and shown straight to the therapy room where the session can begin.

The rear entrance and parking area is shown in the picture below:

PathTherapy ~ Entrance
Egremont Building (Showing PathTherapy Entrance & Parking Area)

Your first appointment will include a consultation meeting if we have not already done so on the phone. It is a two way process. It will be  an opportunity me to get to know you, your concerns and hopes about therapy. You can find out about what psychotherapy and hypnotherapy has to offer. You can ask questions, if you want to, about the therapeutic service and process.

I understand how difficult it can be to ask for help and talk about your problems and express your feelings particularly to someone you have just met.  At no point would I expect you to do or say anything that you are not comfortable doing. You are in control of the pace at which things happen. I believe in working towards a place of mutual respect and trust. From that place change is possible.

Please note the counselling rooms have nearby access to toilets, but I am sorry that the bulding is not suitable for wheelchair access or if you’re unable to walk up stairs.